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Small businesses like mine rely on word of mouth reviews! Please take a few moments to tell me your experience, and scroll down to see more client testimonials!

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Katelyn C

"Amanda has been such a light for me as I unlearn so much about holistic health. Her course has truly set me up for real success and I now know what true health should look like!"

Ruth R

"I started my healthy journey a few years ago and I "thought" I was taking care of myself by eating all the seeds/nuts/nut butters/nut milks and avoiding dairy. I considered meat and dairy a category of "bad foods" and would experience a lot of guilt and shame when I enjoyed them. Little did I know, the foods I was consuming were reeking havoc on y skin digestion, and energy levels. When Amanda told me about her course, I was so excited to try something new. A forgiving, ejoyable approach to eating the foods my vody craves. Since I've started implementing what I've learned in Amanda's course, I've noticed major improvements in my skin and energy levels. I am so happy to be restoring my metabolism and feeling better than I have in years!"

Amanda H

"As a fellow health coach, I was blown away with Amanda's attention to detail in creating this course. Not only does she provide delicious and healthy recipes, but this is also a nutrition education course. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to restore metabolism and feel the best they have ever felt!"

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