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I'm Amanda, wife, mother of 2, and aspiring homesteader!


 I have pursued many passions in my lifetime, but none have truly fulfilled me like helping others to live a more natural and sustainable life does!

I began my own journey through holistic healing while working as a hair stylist. It took many years to realize that the toxic chemicals I was exposed to on a daily basis were wreaking havoc on my health. After a decade of battling autoimmune disorders and mental health struggles, I immersed myself in a holistic health education! I spent the next 4 years detoxing my body, improving my nutrition and gut health, and removing all the toxins from our home. 

After receiving a certificate with Honors in Holistic Nutrition from American College of Healthcare Sciences, and specializing in Holistic Detox Protocols, I decided to turn my personal passion into a mission to help other people clean up their lives and learn the truth about what's actually going on in the mainstream health community.

My passions are deeply rooted in nature and herbal medicine. I believe that we can use a combination of nutrition and natural herbal remedies to prevent illness and heal from the inside out.

I aim to help you restore your health, return to nature, and thrive in a new and fulfilling life!

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