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This guide is designed to give you all the beginner’s tools you’ll need to support your holistic wellness journey. You’ll learn the basics of assessing your health and progress, a brief look at nutrition and hydration, and holistic protocols for supporting digestion and detox.


This guide includes information on:

  • Healthy Metabolism Checklist
  • Temps & Pulses
  • Digestive Health
  • Hydration
  • Building Your Perfect Plate
  • Daily Caloric Needs
  • Holistic Detox
  • Detox Pathways
  • Castor Oil Packs
  • Lymphatic Health
  • Dry Brushing
  • Oil Pulling
  • and more!


This is not an exhaustive guide to holistic health, but it is a great place to start!


** This guide is not designed to be used as medical advice, or to replace any medical advice. Please consult your preferred medical professional before beginning any new protocols.

A Beginner's Guide to Holistic Wellness

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