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Minerals are often referred to as the "spark plugs" of the body. They are responsible for every function within the body on a cellular level.


Everything from digestion, immunity, hormone production and balance, to sleep, detoxification, nervous sytem function, and general organ function requires adequate mineral balance to function properly. Your body cannot make these crucial elements on its own, and they must be replenished daily.


95-98% of your body's mineral count is stored outside of the bloodstream, within tissues and cells throughout the body, including hair tissue. It is important to look to these tissues for current mineral status rather than a blood sample.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a functional test that provides insignt into your body's personal system functions. A hair sample is used to evaluate the mineral content in your soft tissues. After clear interpretation, we can begin a path towards optimal health based on real time data!


Mineral Imbalance can look like:

Muscle Cramping

Brain Fog

Poor Sleep

Numbness & Tingling

Irregular Heart Rhythem



Nausea & Vomiting

Poor Appetite

Poor Digestion



Abdominal Cramping

Mood Disorders

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Poor Immune Function


and so on...



With HTMA testing, we can learn about your specific metabolic rate, energy levels, adrenal and thyroid function, stress levels, blood sugar balance, detoxability, digestive health, and immune function, to name a few.


While it can be hepful to simply see the different levels of each mineral, I want to look deeper at your mineral ratios and their relation to your heavy metal load. From there I can formulate a nutrition and supplementation plan to best suit your needs.


It is important to understand that HTMA is not a diagnostic lab. It can not be used to diagnose or treat any disease or condition. HTMA is a functional lab, and may be used in conjunction with other modalities and treatments. Please consult your preferred medical practitioner before beginning any new or complementary protocols.


** HTMA consultations are only available for US residents at this time.

HTMA Mineral Analysis

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  • Upon purchase, you will receive a FREE copy of my Beginner's Guide to Holistic Wellness. This will give you a few tools and protocols to begin while we wait for your HTMA results from the lab. 


    You will also receive a separate email containing a Welcome Intake Packet and complete instructions on cutting your hair sample. Your complete HTMA kit will arrive in the mail shortly. Simply cut your hair sample and mail it directly to the lab with the included postage paid envelope.

    After I receive your HTMA results from the lab, I will provide an in-depth analysis review as well as a complete holistic protocol of recommendations to support your symptoms and test results. You will be in active client status for 4 weeks, beginning when you rceive your analysis, and will be able to contact me via email or voice/text message with questions about your protocol.

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