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This 38 page digital foraging guide can be used to find 12 of my favorite medicinal herbs throughout the United States! You may use this guide on your own foraging hike, as a homeschool resource, or as a starting point for your herbal education!


Can I still use this guide if I'm not a forager? YES! I have designed this guide with enough education for each herb that it can serve as a mini herbalism for beginners course!


You will learn how to easily identify medicinal herbs in their natural habitat, medicinal properties of the herb, and how it is most commonly used! I also share some of my favorite things about each herb and how I typically use them, including links to some of my personal herbal preparations. Additionally, I have included links to purchase each herb just in case you can't find it in your area and really want to work with it!


Included in the guide:

  • Basics of Foraging
  • Equipment Needed
  • Color herb images
  • 2 pages of education for each herb including medicinal properties, constituents, idenfication, habitat, and how to use
  • Additional Resources


I believe what is says in Psalm 104:14, that our Heavenly Father created "...herb for the service of man..." We should be free to learn about these amazing medicinal plants without all the new age interferance. I am here to teach you that you CAN be an herbalist WITHOUT participating in new age practices! 


You will receive a digital PDF that may be saved to multiple devices, and is easily printable for convenient use in all formats!

Medicinal Herbs Foraging Guide

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$7.00Sale Price
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